The “Award of Recognition” program was developed by the County of Riverside, Department of Environmental Health, in an effort to recognize those food establishments which have consistently maintained exceptionally high sanitary, operational and structural standards assuring the maximum protection of the public’s health and safety.

The requirements by which these food establishments must abide are lengthy and often complicated. There must be a concerted effort on the part of the facility, by all levels of management and staff, to maintain consistently high standards.  This award program applies to all food establishments which would normally receive a letter grade of “A”, “B”, “C”, as defined under County Ordinance 492.7 (<st1:placetype w:st="on" style="font-family: inherit; font-size: inherit; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight: inherit; line-height: inherit;">County Code 8.40.020) or applicable city ordinances.  This WILL NOT apply to pre-packaged food facilities, posted facilities with limited food preparation, temporary and occasional events, caterers, produce stands, produce vehicles, certified farmers markets, stationary mobile food preparation units, commissaries, non-profit seasonal operations, vehicles, vending machines, Christmas operations, or unpackaged food carts, although their maintenance of high standards in public health protection is needed and required by State law.

Our Department has determined that this recognition shall be awarded to all food establishments who have maintained a score of 95% or above in each of their routine inspections the previous calendar year (minimum of two inspections); maintained a current Environmental Health Permit; and whose food handling staff have passed the Food Workers Certification Examination.  A listing of all food establishments which have qualified for this award will be prepared by March 1st of each year, after the Department has had an opportunity to review the previous calendar year’s inspection data.  Each facility that receives the award will be notified either in person or by mail within 30 days of the list being published.

Our Department encourages the food facility to proudly display this “Award of Recognition”, as it symbolizes the hard work and efforts of the food establishment.


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