The Riverside County Department of Environmental Health is a full-service department that is dedicated to protecting the health of people and the environment in Riverside County. To learn more about programs that the Department oversees please visit the Our Services page.

Click the video to see the story of one family that never thought West Nile virus would affect them


Latest News


Mosquito that can carry Yellow Fever Detected in San Jacinto

10/27/2015 - Aedes aegypti, a species of mosquito that can carry yellow fever, has been detected in San Jacinto. See the press release for more information.


Interactive Map of West Nile Virus Activity now Available

9/3/2015 - Riverside County Department of Public Health is providing an interactive map showing recent West Nile virus activity in Riverside County. To access the map click here.


Water Conservation During Extreme Drought

7/14/2015 - Click here for swimming pools and here for restaurants to get tips on conserving water in one of California's most severe droughts. Click here and here for information on USDA drought assistance for individual well owners.


It's Pool Season Again 

6/22/2015 -  Summer is here and swimming pools are a fun way to cool down. Please help prevent drowning by not propping open gates to community pools, ensure that the life saving equipment is in place and good repair and never allow children to swim unattended. Check out this video from Cal Fire / Riverside County Fire Department and Riverside County Department of Public Health.


Graywater Regulations

6/23/2015 - Chapter 16A establishes minimum requirements for the installation of graywater systems in occupancies regulated by the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). Click on the link to read the full chapter. For information on homeowner's informational bulletin, click here.


Reduce Hunger and Stop Food Waste

6/11/14 - This bulletin provides information on how restaurants and other food facilities can donate unused food.  Click here to read about how to donate your unused food today and make a difference in your community!