The following are listings of restaurants inspected during the past 12 months which received a score below 90, resulting in their posted grade being lowered to a “B” or “C”. The first date shown is the initial inspection and the second date is the reinspection with the subsequent score and grade. These lists only includes food facilities which have on-site food preparation activities. 

For a Listing of the current grades of any open facility within Riverside County click below. 

ABC-Graphic-Small  Restaurant / Market Grading 

June 2014 Downgrades

May 2014 Downgrades

April 2014 Downgrades

March 2014 Downgrades

February 2014 Downgrades

January 2014 Downgrades

December 2013 Downgrades

November 2013 Downgrades

October 2013 Downgrades

September 2013 Downgrades

August 2013 Downgrades

July 2013 Downgrades