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Body Art


Body Art

The Department of Environmental Health enforces the Safe Body Art Act which establishes minimum standards that apply to body art facilities and practitioners for the safe practice of body art in Riverside County.

Body Art Updates 

On May 22nd, Riverside County was approved by the Governor’s Office to move into the accelerated phase of Stage 2. 


Unfortunately, this stage does not include body art facilities which are categorized under the personal care industry and is slated for approval to reopen in Stage 3.


There are some things that have been required for other businesses to reopen, which may also apply to body art facilities. Below are some things to consider preparing now for a safe reopening:


    An ample supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand sanitizer for staff and customers

    Procedures on temperature and/or symptom screening of staff and customers

    A written worksite specific COVID-19 prevention plan

    Employee training (free online resources provided by WHO):


What is Body Art?

Body art is an invasive process that includes tattooing, body piercing, application of permanent cosmetics, and branding. A body art practitioner is someone who performs body art on a client.


Body Art Pen Tool




Insertion of pigment in human skin tissue by piercing with a needle.

Piercing Icon




The creation of an opening in a human body for the purpose of inserting jewelry or other decoration.

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Permanent Cosmetics

The application of pigments in human skin tissue for the purpose of permanently changing the color or other appearance of the skin.  This includes, but is not limited to permanent eyeliner, eyebrow, or lip color.

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The process in which a mark or marks are burned into human skin tissue with a hot iron or other instrument, with the intention of leaving a permanent scar.


Looking to Open a Facility or Become a Practitioner?

Prior to performing body art in Riverside County, all practitioners are required to register with this department and operate out of a permitted body art facility. Practitioners are also required to receive annual training in bloodborne pathogen standards to ensure they know how to prevent transmission of bloodborne diseases.

Approved Body Art Facilities

Learn more about how to perform body art in Riverside County…



Body Art Facility Inspection

The California Safe Body Art Act is an excerpt from the California Health and Safety Code that  provides minimum statewide standards for the regulation of persons engaged in the business or performance of body art.

Approved placardWhen a facility meets the minimum requirements during a routine inspection, they will receive a “Pass” placard.


Placard Re-InspectionIf they do not meet the minimum requirements, they will receive a “Re-inspection” placard.


These requirements are intended to protect both the body art practitioner and the client from transmission of infectious diseases through the application of proper body art procedures and the control of cross-contamination of instruments and supplies. Failure to meet minimum requirements can lead to the transmission of infectious diseases, or cross-contamination of instruments and supplies.

Woman with arm tattooed
man with body piercings

Contact us for any questions regarding body art:

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