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Body Art

Body Art Facility / Practitioner

The Department of Environmental Health has established minimum standards that apply to body art facilities and practitioners for the safe practice of body art in Riverside County.

Practitioner Registration Requirements

If you want to register in Riverside County as Body Art Practitioner, you must submit the completed Body Art Practitioner Application along with the following items “in person”:

  1. Valid Government Issued ID
  2. Current Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate
  3. Hepatitis B Vaccination or Hepatitis B Declination Form
  4. Practitioner Registration Fee
  5. Current Environmental Health Permitted Facility Information – You must operate at an approved and permitted Riverside County Body Art Facility and provide the business name and location for all facilities where you will be working.

To renew your Practitioner Registration, you must pay the current annual registration fee and maintain a current Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate by attending an annual training course.


Body Art Facility Plan Review Requirements

If you want to open a permitted Body Art Facility in Riverside County, you must submit plans of the facility and go through a Plan Check Review. For detailed information on the Plan Review approval process, review the Body Art Facility Plan Check Guidelines and New Body Art Facility Checklist.

Below are the items you will need to submit for the plan review process:

  1. A completed Body Art Facility Plan Review Application along with the applicable plan review fee.
  2. Submit two (2) sets of the site plan. Plan must be complete, easily readable, and include a detailed overhead layout of the entire facility identifying the procedure area, cleaning and sterilization area, sink counters, storage areas, equipment and reception areas, workstations, handwash sink(s), and restroom. Also submit the following:
    • Room Finish List – Identifies the floor, wall, ceiling, counter and cabinet finishes for all rooms or areas in the facility.
    • Equipment List - Identifies the location, manufacturer, and model number of all equipment that will be utilized.
  3. An Infection Prevention and Control Plan (IPCP)

Once all items have been submitted, the plan review process will begin and an Environmental Health Specialist will be assigned to begin your Plan Check Review. Your submitted package will be reviewed, and your assigned Specialist will contact you for any follow-up information that may be needed.

After your plans are approved, you may begin to construct or remodel the facility. Next, you will schedule your Final Approval Inspection. At your inspection, you will submit all required forms and documents and pay all Environmental Health fees. Below is a checklist of the forms, documents, and fees to have ready. All these documents will be verified prior to approval.

  • Completed Body Art Facility Application (this will be given to you at your inspection) and body art facility permit fee.
  • Copy of the Infection Prevention and Control Plan (IPCP).
  • Practitioner Applications for all practitioners to be working at the facility and registration fees.
  • Proof of approved sharps removal.
  • For facilities utilizing an autoclave only: Provide a negative spore test performed within 30 days of that inspection.
  • For facilities utilizing single-use, pre-packaged and pre-sterilized equipment and supplies: Proof of single use equipment sterilization obtained from the manufacturer along with all purchase orders and receipts.
  • Copies of the medical questionnaire, consent form, and aftercare instructions for review.

You may use this Body Art Facility Self-Inspection Guide to help keep you on track! It is designed to be used by facility operators to assist with compliance.


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