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Body Art

Frequently Asked Questions

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Insertion of pigment in human skin tissue by piercing with a needle.

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The creation of an opening in a human body for the purpose of inserting jewelry or other decoration.

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Permanent Cosmetics

The application of pigments in human skin tissue for the purpose of permanently changing the color or other appearance of the skin.  This includes, but is not limited to permanent eyeliner, eyebrow, or lip color.

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The process in which a mark or marks are burned into human skin tissue with a hot iron or other instrument, with the intention of leaving a permanent scar.

What is body art?

Body art is an invasive process that includes tattooing, body piercing, application of permanent cosmetics, and branding. A body art practitioner is someone who performs body art on a client.

Do I need to submit plans for a facility permit if I will be operating out of an established salon, renting a booth, or room?

If the facility you are operating out of does not have a valid Environmental Health Body Art permit then yes, you need to submit facility plans for approval.

Do I need to get a permit for performing microblading, or other permanent cosmetics?

Yes, a practitioner registration is required as well as an Environmental Health Body Art facility permit.

Do I have to pay an annual fee for practitioner registration?

There is an initial registration fee and then a renewal fee every year thereafter.

If I have an Environmental Health Body Art Practitioner registration can I operate at multiple locations?

Yes, you may operate out of multiple Environmental Health permitted facilities. An updated registration will be sent out to each facility you operate out of, so notify the appropriate Environmental Health office when you move locations.

Does the Bloodborne pathogen registration expire?

It expires one year from the issue date and must be renewed/maintained current.

Do you maintain a current list of all approved body art facilities in Riverside County?

Yes! You can find the Approved Body Art Facilities List on the Body Art page and it is updated on a daily basis.

How do i know if a facility passed their inspection?

Approved placardWhen a facility meets the minimum requirements during a routine inspection, they will receive a “Pass” placard.


Placard Re-InspectionIf they do not meet the minimum requirements, they will receive a “Re-inspection” placard.

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