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Mobile Body Art Facility

Mobile body art facilities shall obtain a permit to conduct body art in Riverside County and go through the plan review process similar to a permanent body art facility.

How To Get a Mobile Body Art Facility Permit

  1. Review the Mobile Body Art Facility Guidelines for assistance with the approval process. A mobile body art facility that is either a special purpose commercial modular and coach, as defined by Section 18001.8, or a commercial modular coach as defined by section 18001.8, shall be certified by the Department of Housing and Community Development prior to the plan submittal process with this Department. 
  2.  Complete the Body Art Facility Plan Review Application  and submit along with the plans and associated fee.
  3. Once all items have been submitted to the appropriate Environmental Health office the process for permit approval will begin. The assigned area inspector will review the submitted package and contact you for inspection and any follow-up information.
  4. When the plans are approved, you will complete the Body Art Facility Application (given to you by the inspector at the end of the plan review process), pay the current fee, and submit a complete Infection Prevention and Control Plan (IPCP). All these documents will be verified prior to approval.
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