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Body Art


Temporary Body Art Events


Event Sponsor

Temporary body art facilities set up in-doors through an event sponsor/coordinator.

Submit the following:

  1. Event Application
  2. Site Map
  3. Practitioner List
  4. Event Sponsor Permit Fee: $288 + $63 per event booth

Temporary Event Practitioner Registration

If you do not have a valid practitioner permit in the State of California, email the following to to obtain a temporary practitioner registration for the event:

  1. Practitioner Application
  2. Valid picture ID verifying age
  3. Valid Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate
  4. Proof of Hep B Vaccination or Hep B Declination Form
  5. Temporary Practitioner Registration Fee: $27

Learn more about how to perform body art in Riverside County…



Contact us for any questions regarding body art:

Downtown Riverside Office
 3880 Lemon St, Suite 200
   Riverside, CA 92501
 47-950 Arabia St, Suite A
   Indio, CA 92201


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