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Monday, January 30, 2023

Restaurant Grading

Restaurant Grading





90-100 Points



Did Not Pass
80-89 Points



0-79 Points


The “Award of Recognition” was developed in 1998 in an effort to recognize food establishments which have consistently maintained exceptionally high sanitary operational, and structural standards assuring the maximum protection of the public’s health and safety.

In order to receive this award, a food establishment must maintain a score of 95% or above on all routine inspections the previous calendar year (minimum of two inspections), maintain a current Environmental Health Permit, and maintain food handling staff with valid Food Handler Certification.  A listing of all food establishments which have qualified for this award will be prepared by March 1st of each year.  Click here to view this list.

Our Department encourages the food facility to proudly display this “Award of Recognition”, as it symbolizes the hard work and efforts of the food establishment.


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